Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dish Clothes

Stocking up on my dishcloth stash!
These cotton dishcloths are wonderful for dishes or for the bath. 
Great gifts for any occasion.


Scrubby Dishcloths
Made with the scrubby yarn mixed with cotton yarn

Monday, January 20, 2014

my brother's wedding || LINDEN & LANI

I made my brother and new sister a pillow for their wedding gift.
I think Lani really loved it, and so did her mom..
 she wanted to steal it!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Items For Sale---->

 Today I gathered all that I have made for fun... and this is what I came up with!!
I decided it was time to clean house!! = )
And for YOU! It's time to get prepared for gifting season!!
I know, I know-- the leaves are just beginning to change color-
....or at least they are thinking about it...
It is never too early to start working on your Christmas list...
I hope I can help you out on your Christmas list, while in turn you will help me out with my ministry! = ) Buy and be twice blessed!!
---->1) By giving that gift away or treating yourself, it doesn't matter, and
---->2) You will help me in the mission that God has called me to serve Him in!
                (you can read more about that here: Being Knit)

(( For pricing and custom ordering ))


 blankets measure around 32x40 inches

Sweet Pea and Charcoal Grey

 Sweet Pea and Sapphire
Eggplant and Magenta

Beige and Sapphire

Cheery Cherry and Silver Gray

Colonial Blue and Terracotta

The hats range in a variety of sizes, but all of them fit my head, except for the baby hats... = ) I will specify which ones are those...
(I have a 21 inch head)

For an example of a human wearing the owl hat...
I also made the same pattern for my nephew and he was one...
*fact: Knitted things stretch to fit various sized heads!! = )
What a blessing!!
Green and Pink Owl
(18 inches)

Gray with Tan Owl
(18 inches)
Magenta and Eggplant
(17 inches around and 8 inches to the top)
Tan with Gray Owl
(18 inches)

Black and Sweet Pea
(17 inches around and 8 inches to the top)

(10 inches)

Linen and Magenta

Yellow with Pink Owl
(18 inches)

Black with Sapphire and Fern
(16 inches)

Bob Marley
(Mustard, Kelly Green, Cranberry)
Mustard, Cranberry, Black
Silver Gray and Magenta
Charcoal Gray and Mustard
Sweet Pea and Kelly Green
(14 inches)
 Baby Pea Pod
Measurement: 10x10 inches





Multi Neutral

Variegated Red 

Blue and White Stripes
 Navy Blue
 Brown and Pink
Variegated Blue Yellow and Green
Coordinating To the Variegated
Blue with Stripes of Green
Denim Blue