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-----custom order your baby blanket-----

There are many beautiful colors to choose from.
i use vanna's choice found in jo-ann fabrics.
you can go to lion's brand & jo-ann stores to view the available colors.
Mix up your two favorite colors into a soft striped heirloom.

Blanket measurement averages: 32x38
Striping: extra wide (5 3/4inches),
wide (4),
original (1 3/4),
small (1 1/2),
tiny (3/4)
teeny tiny (1/2).

{{the blankets are called by stripe width; each new color combination is named after the receiver}}

cost is by donation; (suggested donation: 57.00 dollars)
{(Right now 100% is going towards my ministry,
please check that out at beingknit)}
contact me {lauren}:

<---You can keep your arms warm this winter!

Made in any colors you
want or solid,
just think of all the colorful possibilities you can create!

cost is by donation; (suggested 15 dollars)



they come in any blanket style and color and in any of the scarf styles you see
around on my blog;
be free to get creative!

cost is by donation; each scarf is different
as to which style you'd like or yarn

Owl Hats

cost is by donation (suggested donation; 37 dollars)

they are great for all ages!


             ......... by lauren's knits

cost is by donation (suggested donation; 7.50 dollars)

make fabulous gifts for any occasion!
...that gift that's great to say "thank you" with.
 made with one hundred percent cotton yarn.

dishclothes are made at your request,
it's quite easy, you just say the color! ...with or without stripe..!
and it will be ready soon!
((the wait varies...))


suggested donation: 18 dollars

like everything else! =*) it's your hat...
make it the way YOU want it! =*)

suggested donation: 35 dollars

for a more variety of pillows check out the posts

Flower Broach
suggested donation: 8 dollars

((alligator clip and pin on back))

BABY pea-pod
suggested donation: 45 dollars

just like the blankets, mix up your favourite colors
and pick your size of stripe!
Or go solid! ...use your imagination!
..the possibilities are, ENDLESS!

To Order Please Just Send Me A Email-
Really simple! just give as many details as you can on the item that you would like.
Then! to receive the item, it needs to know where to go-
So please include the address where you want to receive it...

Thou hast made known to me the ways of life;
thou shalt make me full of joy
with thy countenance.

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